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Copper Grater

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Mr. Teshigahara’s “Copper Grater” is filled with techniques
for delicious grated foods.
The “Copper Grater” crafting process starts
with a 2 mm thick hard copper plate,
tin is applied with traditional methods,
and then the chisel is struck vigorously
and repeatedly with the hammer to punch in each individual bump.
The pointed blades cut the food into small pieces.Unlike mashing,
the structure of foods is not destroyed unnecessarily,
so that grated daikon radish does not become mushy,
but fresh and juicy instead. If you look closely,
the blades are pointed up and down,
so that you can grate the food both by pushing and by pulling.
In addition, the blades are slightly inclined
to the direction of lowering,
so that the first row and the second row do not overlap.
Through fixtures like this,
it is possible to make a delicious grated dished.
The grating can be done quickly and with little force,
regardless of whether it is daikon radish or carrot.
There are tilted blades on the front and back,
and the front is used for daikon radish, carrots, apples,
etc.,and the back is used for wasabi, ginger, and yam.

Size: W115mm×H210mm
Materials: Copper, tin, wood

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