TOKYO Teshigoto

“A women nearly 80 years old who purchased one told me
that she has placed it on her dining table
so that she can rock it and play with it during meals.”

My mother and our representative, Chieko,
looked so happy when she told me this brightly
and in a resonant voice.

As told by third-generation daughter, Michiyo.

The first president, my grandfather,
concentrated on brushes,
and the second president, my father,
concentrated on industrial brushes.
And now I, as the third-generation president,
have added to this lineup brushes that are required in
domestic environments during the current era.

More brushes are needed in our daily lives.
Not only are they superior in function and durability,
they are also traditional crafts that cheer
and brighten our daily lives.

In the frantic world in which we live,
I believe that brushes will help bring us
a sense of relaxation.

It is this belief that makes me feel
that Chidori brushes are items that can be used for
decoration purposes as objets d’art.

The lineup includes the three colors of red,
white and black, decorated with either of
the two haku-oshi (foil-stamped)
or silk screen patterns.

The wood used is oak.
The choice available includes vibrant red
with a traditional haku-oshi (foil-stamped) decoration,
and casual models with a black silk screen
expression on a white background.

The bristles of the brush are inserted into the holes at
an angle so that they are spread out in an approximation of
the tail feathers of a bird about to take flight.

The bristles used are the long hairs from horse tails
that are known as honke.
The white hairs are flexible, and the black hairs stiff.

The bristles are first aligned into shape,
and then inserted at a speedy pace
into the holes using only the sense of feel.

The bristles are then fixed in place with a single length of
wire that is thinner than a line drawn
with a ballpoint pen at 0.25mm.

The technique for aligning the bristles known as teue ensures
that the bristles do not shed, and this creates a durable brush.

The design stating “uno” in the center of the brush brings
the entire aura of the brush together.

Michiyo tells us that she hopes that people will become familiar
with the brush by using it as part of their daily lives in
such situations as brushing off tabletops and brushing dust
and pollen off areas near the front door.

She wants people to use it in their daily lives
so that they can experience its superiority close at hand.

The glittering eyes of the draftsman as she tells us
this is testament to the joy received from creating what one likes.

Materials: Natural hair (horsehair), natural wood (oak, urethane coating)
Size: W140mm × D20mm × H100mm
Types: Series of 6 types
Red handle (silk screen) & Black hair
Red handle (foil emboss) & White hair
White handle (silk screen) & Black hair
White handle (foil emboss) & White hair
Black handle (silk screen) & Black hair
Black handle (foil emboss) & White hair

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