TOKYO Teshigoto

Wear meticulously-crafted braided cord—and brighten your life!

These kumihimo sandals are crafted by kumihimo producers located in Asakusa, Tokyo. They come in the key traditional colors of silver and gold.
Comfortable and light, they bring a splash of color to the wearer’s daily life. This unique design features cords that complement each other perfectly, as well as an ideal fit for greater stability. They also boast the beautiful brilliant shine that is the hallmark of silk. The pair also come with a detachable kumihimo braided broach for a fresh-looking accent. It is made in colors considered lucky around the globe, and at the same time holds cultural significance for its kagome knot—-a traditional Japanese design.
In addition to a beautiful look, these sandals are also highly functional. They feature an insole cushioned to reduce stress on the foot, and exceptional-quality rubber sole from Vibram of Italy.

Tokyo Kumihimo (braided cord)
Kiryudo Co., Ltd.

Asakusa Kumihimo braided cord sandals
Varieties: Two (gold and silver)
Upper: Silk
Attachments: Silk, brass
Insole: Polyester, polyurethane
Vibram synthetic rubber
Size/weight: S, M, L 460 g each
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥31,900 each
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