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The Tama textile technique: creating a reflection on the water’s surface

Bringing together a type of weaving from Tama known as “omeshi-ori” and striped fabrics passed down through the generations, we have created the our Yoryu (Crepe fabric) scarves and shawls.

These items are made of pre-dyed threads, all carefully selected for color and quality. The warp (tateito) threads are dyed with six different colors to create thin stripes. The weft (yokoito)are specially ordered omeshi-ito threads, which are then twisted by skilled artisans, who number very few at present. The threads are slowly woven on a traditional loom in order to minimize the stress on them.

The result is a high-quality look and feel to each and every individual piece. When the light hits them, these colorful items are made to look like the water’s surface reflecting the natural setting of the Tama area.

Tama-ori Textile
Sawai Textile Plant LLC

Varieties: 8
Long scarf: Six colors (pink, orange, turquoise, blue, gray, and navy
Shawl: Two colors (pink and gray)
Materials: 100% silk
Long scarf: 37cm×170cm/approximately 45 g each
Shawl: 67cm×200cm(including tassels)/approximately 100g each
Suggested retail price (tax included):
Long scarf: ¥28,600
Shawl: ¥70,400
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*The information on this site is as of May 2024.

*Sizes, colours and shapes of the actual products may differ slightly as they are

*Product specifications and suggested retail prices may change without prior notice.