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Tadano Glass Kakoujo

Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

A solitary path to perfection, in cut glass.

It is a style that opens a new world in Edo Kiriko cut glass. The work of Hideyoshi Tadano – the second generation leader of the Tadano glass works – is distinctive in itself. Its motifs are drawn from animals and landscapes: winter trees, gold fish, skulls and spiders. Using different diamond wheels such forms are cut into the glass. While the work recalls the reliefs of René Lalique, the use of red and lapis lazuli colour glass sections with cuts around, allow them to exceed Lalique in the rich world that they create. In the case of an Edo Kiriko design that features a goldfish, the red glass left on the tail and the cuts that surround it give the impression of movement in water. Hideyoshi Tadano worked in an architectural design firm before coming to Edo Kiriko cut glass. He then spent just two and a half years working together with his father, Koichi, the founded of the Tadano works. He is almost self-taught in the skills he has developed in glass. A tough and lonely road to success, it was perhaps this period of introspection that inspired his unique approach. The diamond wheel left by his father first among them, the tools in the workshop support his work.

Tadano Glass Kakoujo
7-30-16, Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0072
Hideyoshi Tadano