TOKYO Teshigoto

Terasawa Burashi Seisakusho

Tokyo Teue Brush (Handmade Brushes)

Hand planted support for Japanese industry

Among the brushes used in industrial production, there are still many that can only be made by hand. Brushes that remove dirt, brushes that separate mixed elements, brushes for polishing, brushes to extract electricity…. For the many applications there are choices of whether to use animal or metal fibres, and at what length to provide them. The outcome to each is made by hand. The Terasawa brush works were established in 1964 to provide hand planted brushes to industry. Initially a specialist in metal fibre brushes, the founder was an expert in this craft, and made early reputation in the brush capacity provided to a road sweeper vehicle. His son, Kazuhisa Terasawa, is the current leader of the firm. It is during Kazuhisa’s era that the works have come to make brushes with animal, nylon and vegetable fibres. As the number of skilled craftspeople able to make hand planted brushes declines year by year, then the Terasawa company receives orders from all around Japan. It responds to each faithfully, and with skill.

Terasawa Burashi Seisakusho
9-35-21 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071
TEL +81-3-3684-6938
Kazuhisa Terasawa