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Asano Kogei K.K.

05 Tokyo Ginki (Silverware)

Unrivaled Silverware Produced by Spinning x Hammering

The Asano Kogei was founded by Seiko Asano in 1987.
He had spent his days over the course of twenty-four years
prior to this by polishing his skills as a silversmith.
Following this, Asano further polished his spinning
(a technique in which a sheet of metal is rotated on a lathe and
formed into the required shape by pressing a spatula-like tool known as a “spoon” against it)
skills by producing championship cups for golf tournaments, etc.

Facing forty, he opened his workshop and set his goal on
“creating articles that were different to what was available up until then.”
With a desire to place the emphasis on working with his hands,
he carried out his work while studying metal-hammering techniques
from the moment he became independent.

It is rare to find a craftsman who is skilled in
both metal-spinning and metal-hammering.
Because of this, he started off by creating his own tools.
This resulted in Asano producing a wide range of fine items centered around kettles,
teapots, sake jugs and other tea and alcohol-related utensils that only he can make.

In particular, the kettles and teapots created from single sheets of metal,
right through to the spouts, require high-grade skills.
There are no joints between the body and spout of these utensils,
which enables the user to experience a smooth and pleasant sensation when pouring.
In addition, the utensils are beautifully decorated with dragons, autumn leaves, bamboo
and other minute designs with metal-hammering and engraving, turning them
into works of art.

Asano refers to himself as the “Takusho” (smiling craftsman).
He says that using special skills to produce articles
that nobody else can make brings a smile
to the faces of people who see them for the first time as they marvel at the fact
that such objects actually exist,
and he intends to continue producing such articles into the future.

He also says that he wants to pass his skills onto younger people
so that proof of his existence remains,
and in the generous hope that the skills that he learned by himself
will be left to the next generation.
As of 2021, three people are employed by the workshop.
All three of them were quietly getting on with their spinning work at the lathes.
There appears to be no doubt that the Asano Kogei,
founded and expanded by Asano, will be passed onto the next generation.

Asano Kogei K.K.
1F Maison Claire, 5-12-8 Chuo-Honcho, Adachi Ward, Tokyo 121-0011
Tel: 03-6806-3131
Fax: 03-6806-3161
Seiko Asano (Fuko)