TOKYO Teshigoto

The hand-carving techniques of Tokyo Engraving are used in
chopsticks, chopstick rests, and plates to be enjoyed in daily life.
These handicrafts allow you to enjoy your meals
more by touching them
with your hands and enjoying them with your eyes.
The chopsticks and chopstick rests are made from prototypes
using the same process as jewelry.
The matte and mirror finish enhances
the design to the utmost limit.
The plates are specially ordered to a tin craftsman and engraved.
The beautifully shining engraving marks on the laurel motif,
which represents glory
and prosperity, convey the unique charm of Tokyo Engraving.
Please enjoy the rich feeling of holding a hand-carved pattern
in your hand “every day”.

Tokyo Chokin every day

Mainichi Tokyo Chokin
Mainichi Tokyo Chokin
Type: 1 each
Chopsticks (laurel), chopstick rest, plate
Material: Chopstick: silver(SV925), Chopstick rest: brass(rhodium plating), Plate (real tin)
Size: Chopstick length 200mm 40g, Chopstick rest 25mm 5g, Plate 220mm 420g
Suggested retail prices (including tax):
Chopsticks: 63,800 yen, Chopstick rest: 8,800 yen, plate: 22,000 yen
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