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Inden indoor shoes

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Inden, which is loved by many for bags, wallets,
and other clothing accessories,
is now available in the form of room shoes.
The bold design of the upper portion of the shoes
exudes the style and elegance
that has been handed down since the company’s founding.
Deerskin is used for the Inden portion,
while goatskin is used for other parts,
achieving both lightweight and durability.
The genuine leather is sewn into the shape of a bag,
so these room shoes fit your feet like a sock,
and the more you wear them, the more they will fit your feet.
They can also be worn like slippers.
The heel part has a mountain-like design
that makes them easy to grip with your fingertips.

Inden indoor shoes
Inden Yabe Co.

Inden Indoor Shoes
Type: 1 type (2 sizes)
Material: Deerskin, Urushi(Lacquer Japan), Goatskin
Size and weight: M size about 180g, L size about 220g
Suggested retail price (tax included) ¥23,100
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Nippon Department Store (in-store)
Koikiya Tokyo (online-store)

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