TOKYO Teshigoto

EDO AQUA GLASS” is a unique vase that not only allows you
to enjoy the colorful gradations with your eyes,
but also to hydroponically grow flowers in a traditional craft.
It is ideal as a living item to watch over your life,
whether you admire the roots growing underwater
or place it on a window sill to enjoy the reflection of light.
It can also be used to hold bulbs, fleshy succulent plants, cactus,
and even cut flowers, making it suitable for all four seasons.
The glass is divided into upper and lower sections
by the Edo glass blowing technique,
that is made by a highly skilled craftsman using just one pole.
And the faceted finish creates
an eye-catching effect of shades of light.
We have four types of glass, including
a clear type with excellent transparency,
a red dot type, which is difficult to produce, and an Sora(sky) type.

Nakakin Glass Sogo Co.

Type: 4 types in total
Material: Soda Glass
Size: Each approx. 8 cm (width) x 8 cm (depth) x 19 cm (height) 400 g
Suggested retail price (including tax):
Red Dot: 42,000yen
Sora(Sky) Cross: 32,000 yen,
Clear: 18,000 yen
Green Clear 19,000 yen
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