TOKYO Teshigoto

Ginza Mitsukoshi “Tokyo Teshigoto Exhibition – With Beautiful Crafts


We are pleased to announce that “Tokyo Teshigoto Exhibition – With Beautiful Crafts -” will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store. We are planning to hold demonstrations every day during the exhibition period. Please come and visit us.

Venue: GINZA Stage, 7th floor, Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store Main Bldg.
Name of the event: “Tokyo Teshigoto Exhibition – With Beautiful Crafts
Dates: October 18 (Wed) – October 31 (Tue) 14 days
Business hours: 10:00 – 20:00 *Last day closes at 18:00

Demonstration schedule

October 18 (Wed): Higaki Engraving Crafts (Tokyo Engraving)
October 19 (Thu): Suimon Shoten (Edo Oshie Hagoita)
October 20(Friday): Sotatsu Art Craft (Tokyo Silverware)
,October 21(Saturday): Okahan (Edo Mokumegome Dolls, artificial flowers)
Oct. 22 (Sun):BIG TREE (Tokyo Engraving)
Oct. 23 (Mon):Uno Brush Manufacturing (Tokyo hand-planted brushes)
Oct. 24 (Tue):Matsui Katagami Shoten (Paper stencils for dyeing)
October 25(Wednesday): Mont Blanc (Tokyo Umbrella)
Oct. 26 (Thu):Mont Blanc (Tokyo Umbrella)
Oct. 27 (Fri):Machida (Tokyo Yuzen, Kimono)
Oct. 28 (Sat):Yukiya (Tokyo Yuzen, Kimono)
Oct. 29 (Sun): Fujimoto Senkougei (Hand-printed stencil dyeing)
Oct. 30 (Mon):Machida (Tokyo Yuzen, Kimono)
October 31(Tue): Uno Brush Manufacturing (Tokyo Hand-Painted Brushes)