TOKYO Teshigoto

Tokyo Governor’s Award-winning products for 2021 have been decided.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center held a product exhibition for the “TOKYO Teshigoto” project today, unveiling the 13 products developed in 2021 for the first time. Various prizes such as the Tokyo Governor’s Award were awarded for excellent products.


Tokyo Governor’s Award

Monpluie bouge
– An umbrella that makes walking fun on both rainy and sunny days –
Traditional craft item name: Tokyo Youkasa (umbrella)
Producer: Mont Blanc Corporation; Yamaguchi Kimie
Business partner: Design Lab Co., Ltd.; Fukasawa Hikaru

Suggested retail price: \22,000


Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Director’s Award

-An Edo Komon bag hand-dyed by connecting three types of Ise Katagami (a traditional craft of making paper stencils for dyeing textiles)-
Traditional craft item name: Tokyo Some-Komon (Tokyo fine-patterned dyeing)
Producer: Ishizuka Dyeing Limited Company; Ishizuka Kumiko
Business partner: Asian voice; Honda Riko, Yamanaka Yukako

Suggested retail price: \33,000


Excellence Award

Dou Yakumi Oroshigane Futayaku (Copper Grater & Catch Plate)
– A grater for condiments with integrated saucer, suitable for use at the dining table –
Traditional craft item name: Copper Grater
Producer: Edoko Teshigawara Factory; Teshigawara Takashi, Edoko Teshigawara Factory; Fujita Hiroki
Business partner: DOOGS DESIGN; Nakajima Yasuhisa, DOOGS DESIGN; Nakajima Mayuko

Suggested retail price: \8,800


The movie “digest version of the ‘TOKYO Teshigoto’ project product presentation” has been uploaded.


The event in progress

Yamaguchi Kimie, Mont Blanc Corporation, giving an acceptance speech after winning the Tokyo Governor’s Award.

Group photo of award winners