TOKYO Teshigoto

Revolutionising the shamisen. This 3-stringed musical instrument may have never experienced innovation to such extremes in its 400-year history. Its compact form compressed to the limit, the discovery and adoption of a material as an alternative to leather, and an originally developed adhesive. “shamisen.” is full of fresh new surprises. It is only three quarters the length, and just one-third the thickness of traditional shamisens. Yet, despite the slim design, its sound is truly authentic. Adopted for the acoustic membrane is a specially industrialised nylon chord(a). To inherit the distinct tone and sound, the same tension as traditional shamisens has been applied to the chord. And in order to secure the stretched acoustic membrane to the body, which was not possible with commonly used adhesives, an original adhesive has been specially developed to assess the characteristics of each of the materials to be bonded. Those who purchase “shamisen.” for the first time can fully experience the deep world of this traditional instrument. Its beautiful silhouette blends in naturally with today’s modern lifestyles. A music score for an easy-to-play song is also included. Stand it up on its exclusive stand and it can also be enjoyed as a decorative piece for the interior.

Size: W150mm × H702mm × D32mm
Materials: Wood, synthetic fibre, pure silk, nylon

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