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Mitsuwa Glass Kogei

Edo Kiriko (Cut Glassware)

A spirit of continuing innovation and challenge

While “Edo Kiriko” is used to refer to the tradition of cut glass in Tokyo, the term does not capture in itself, the variety of techniques and expression that the genre contains. The classic geometry of patterns such as “Yarai”, “Nanako” “Sasa no ha”, “Kikutsunagi” and others stand alongside the organic flower and animal forms made using a gravure like carving technique known as “Hanakiriko”. Among the materials too, there is variation in the finishes applied to crystal and soda-glass. Coloured glass can be overlaid in red, lapis lazuli, black and other shades; or the transparency of the original can be left to feature. The Mitsuwa glass works were established in 1971, and are a workshop that fully explores the different cuts and use of materials possible within Edo Kiriko. To investigate these avenues they have assembled many varied tools of the trade, including several types of the diamond wheels used for cutting. If they do not have the tool they need to complete an order, the craftspeople develop it themselves. It is a workshop imbued with a spirit of innovation within their craft. It is notable too that the staff of eleven on the workshop floor are young, in their twenties and thirties. Mitsuwa’s original Edo Kiriko designs are branded with the name “Glass workshop Saihou” and a new range is released each year.

Mitsuwa Glass Kogei
2-24-22 Koyama, Soka-shi, Saitama 340-0045
TEL +81-48-941-9777
Takashi Kochiya