TOKYO Teshigoto

A knife for bread fresh from the oven. While Japan is known for knives to fit every food group, knives for bread are still rare. To produce a knife that will slice a fresh loaf without a crumb falling, this fourth generation sword maker has carefully chosen a material and applied to it the “souhizukuri” or “total fire” method of production. The length of the blade is 30 cm. Bringing a traditionally made Japanese knife to bread means an ability to slice it with minimal movement. To achieve a clean cut without pressure applied, the blade is but 2 mm wide, with an acute angle applied to the metal. The material used is strong and balanced 440C stainless steel. It does not rust. For users who want to enjoy their favourite food even more, the handle is finished in beautifully grained wood of a rare type. For the “kashime” section which connects the handle to the blade, once again stainless steel is used. With a special scabbard sold separately for the knife, all is done to meet the needs of the kitchen connoisseur. In addition of course to bread, the knife can also be used for sashimi and other thin slicing tasks.

Size: Blade length 300mm, Blade dimensions 30mm,
Handle 200mm, Handle dimensions 21mm
Materials: 440C Stainless steel,
wood (black persimmon, bubinga, maple (Curly figure))

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