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Making a pleasant sound each time the ball hits the cup.
“SHAMIDAMA” is a kendama toy that children and adults can enjoy,
created by “Sangenshi Kikuoka”,
a shamisen studio enthusiastic about sound.
The reason for the nice sound lies in the material of the wood.
Rosewood,Chinese quince tree and other
exotic non-Japanese woods are used for
the neck of the shamisen,as they produce a hard,
good sound, and have a beautiful wooden surface.
The head of the shamisen, where the strings are attached,
is called “Tenjin”, and the “SHAMIDAMA”
is designed after this tenjin. Three silk strings
are attached to the tuning keys of the tenjin,
though the three thread windings of the “SHAMIDAMA”
correspond to the “sword” of the Kendama toy.A standard
kendama toy will have one “sword”.
The three “swords” of the “SHAMIDAMA” make for
a fun challenge that requires mastering a difficult technique.
Five kinds of wood are used, Rosewood and Chinese quince tree
are used for the shamisen neck,Japanese zelkova,
is used for the shamisen body, and in addition to that
the auspicious Japanese pagoda tree and the Japanese horse
chestnut with its gentle natural colouring are used.
Choose your favourite sound and colour.

Size: W100mm×D60mm×H235mm
Materials: Rosewood
Japanese pagoda tree
Materials: Japanese pagoda tree
Chinese quince tree
Materials: Chinese quince tree
Japanese zelkova
Materials: Japanese zelkova
Japanese horse chestnut
Materials: Japanese horse chestnut

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