TOKYO Teshigoto

Tokyo Soundscape


Karaki wood richly transforms any sound. Created by craftsmen with many years of experience in working with this medium, it functions as both as a stand and as a natural speaker. Place your smartphone in the outer groove and on playing your favourite music, it is amplified through the carved channel which works as a natural conduit for the sound. The thick dense nature of karaki wood means though that it not only amplifies but also transforms the digital sound into something with a deeper acoustic warmth. As the name “Tokyo Soundscape” suggests, it’s not just about the sound but also a device that creates a whole visual experience to be enjoyed. With ten different building blocks to stimulate the playful mind, there are myriad images evoking Mount Fuji, the National Parliament in Tokyo and other famous locations which you are free to arrange as you like in the groove provided. Or you can simply treat your phone’s sleep mode screen as another form of visual offering and place that on display.

Size: W80mm × H30mm × D160mm
(Block parts The largest block W55mm × H21mm × D5mm)
Materials: Wood (rosewood, ebony, etc.)

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