TOKYO Teshigoto

It is a brush that can become an interior ornament. Brushes are items which tend to be shut away in cupboards or drawers, but the design of these allows them a staring role in the home. Just as the name “Plants Brush” suggests, they appear somewhat as stylised home vegetation. The hand planted horse hair at the peak represents the plant, the ash wood base: the flowerpot. After use, just to stand the brushes in their place adds to the interior of the home. Made in three sizes, if for example you were to leave the largest near the front door, it would be a practical way to remove dust and pollen from clothes. The small size brush fits neatly on to a desk, and could be used to sweep off dust from a keyboard. Compared with synthetic fibres, horse hair is less prone to static electricity and this makes them easy to use. When considering where to place the brushes within the home one option would be to consider the plant pot shape handle as a location to place actual plants. The spirit of play within the product may transmit to its owner, and lift the experience of cleaning.

Size: W80mm × H94mm × D25mm
Materials: J apanese a sh, h orsehair
Size: W125mm × H145mm × D35mm
Materials: J apanese a sh, h orsehair
Size: W170mm × H196mm × D45mm
Materials: J apanese a sh, h orsehair

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