TOKYO Teshigoto

Wood and Kiriko glass have come together
in a small world of their own.
A single surface of a 1 cm crystal glass cube has been cut
in the Edo Kiriko style and interlaced with maple wood.
Adding a piece of wood to the dignified Edo Kiriko glass gives life
to an expression of warmth in the earrings.
The bright maple goes well with human skin tones,
while the swaying crystal glass collects light for
a brilliant effect around the face.
The Kiriko craftsman is Mr. Yamada.
In addition to the sophisticated technique
of carving delicate designs into small parts,
skill in a technique called Graveur that is different
from normal Kiriko is also required.
This work could not have been performed without Mr. Yamada
and his Hanakiriko technique and tools.
Three types of KITOKIRIKO earrings have been made.
The earrings with the maple and crystal glass connected
along a diagonal line feature a Kiriko motif called Nanako,
a pattern of small dots resembling fish eggs,
while the earrings where the maple is inlaid in
lines feature Nanako and bamboo leaves.
It is a magical combination of wood and glass,
and this is thanks to the work of
the master joinery craftsman Mr. Daisuke Masuda,
who has pioneered this new blending of techniques.

Size: W10mm × D10mm × H10mm
Materials: Crystal glass, maple, silver

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