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06 Tokyo Yuzen (Kimono)

Kimono Yuzen Stoles: Wearable Art Pieces

Virtually all of the processes of Tokyo Yuzen Dyeing are performed almost entirely by hand: from concept, design, thread glueing, dye application, and dyeing, to the finishing touches. They incorporate traditional auspicious motifs, which perfectly reflect the beauty of the changing seasons of Japan. The process is the same as kimono dyeing: each piece is dyed by hand. Custom fabric woven of special silk threads is imbued with the special nuance of the Koichimatsu design. This comfortable fabric feels good against the skin, is insulating, moisture-absorbent, and washable. Enjoy the luxury of the kimono with all the convenience of a stole.

Tokyo Yuzen Dyeing
Takatori Dyeing Workshop

Varieties: Two (SAKURA, LEAVES)
Materials: 100% silk
Size/weight: Approximately 180cm×58cm/65g each
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥99,000 each
Varieties: Two (SAKURA, LEAVES)
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