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Kimekomi masks: adding color to life

Kimekomi Kagura are a combination of Edo Kimekomi doll traditional techniques and Nishijin textiles. Beautiful and innovative details adds new charm to Japan’s ancient masks, which are powerful symbols of belief and interconnection.

In addition to traditional motifs such as the white fox, the hannya (demoness), and the otafuku (a humorous rendition of an elderly woman), we offer additional masks such as the black fox, the red hanya, and the brown Otafuku.
Each mask is meticulously crafted by our artisans with the wish that the the wearer have good luck and happiness, prosperity in business, and protection from any misfortune.

Kimekomi Kagura, which may be worn or hung up as decorations, skillfully bring together Japanese tradition and modern art.
These special pieces embody the wishes of the artisans who make them: that is to bring joy far and wide, to whoever encounters them.

Edo Kimekomi doll
Kakinuma Doll Co., Ltd.

Kimekomi Kagura
Six varieties: Fox (two colors), otafuku (two colors), and demoness (two colors)
Materials: Urethane resin, pure silk, MDF (board)
Otafuku: W166×D173×H57/120g
Demoness: W153×D180×H60/120g
Backboard: W230×D280×H7/380g each
Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥39,600 each
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