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Shinju no koromo:Sake cup and pourer

05 Tokyo Ginki (Silverware)

Sake wrapped in silver: making a good thing even better

This cup and pourer set has the soft-and-elegant feel of a luxurious kimono. When you pour your sake, the image is that of a round ball rising up from the bottom of the cup, like that of a pearl. Meanwhile, the silver is crafted with traditional silversmithing techniques using a hammered pattern to decorate the cup surface.
Enjoy the glossy, shining pearl look on the rim and on the inside. The charm of these pieces is created through sophisticated technology: our artisans craft them by hammering the silver and working it to form the shape. We offer three variations of finish: glossy, matte, and antique black.

Tokyo Silverworks
Moriginki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Shinju no koromo:Sake cup and pourer
Varieties: Three
Fancy cup/sake pourer ① Glossy ② Matte ③ Antique
Material: Pure silver(999)
Upper diameter: 54φ/Lower diameter: 33φ/Height: 47mm/62g & up
Maximum diameter: 57φ/Upper diameteR: 39φ/Height: 135mm/180g & up
Suggested retail price (tax included):
Cup: ¥88,000
Pourer: ¥198,000
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