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DOMYO Belt Series・DOMYO Card Holder

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Since ancient times, kumihimo has been a part of Japanese culture
and religion, literally decorating all aspects of our lives.
Here we offer a new product line made with leather to carry
on the traditional techniques of kumihimo in the form of
new products. The process of making kumihimo with leather
requires a more complex sewing process.

Depending on the subtle differences in the thickness and hardness
of the leather, for example, the material can be easier or
more difficult to use. To ensure that the products exhibit the
optimal beautiful form, and at the same time the optimal texture,
we worked through a series of prototypes, adjusting the sewing
techniques as we went along.

The result is our DOMYO Belt Series and our DOMYO Card Holder.
The Edo Period was characterized by a concept of iki,
which meant being dapper and bold,
an idea that continues to resonate with the true Tokyoites of today.
The unique features and design of these items are meant to
recall the concept of iki.

The kumihomo in the standard belt (sasanami gumi) is seen in
portraits of the ancient figure of Prince Shotoku.
A number of examples of the kumihimo in the sash belt and
card holder remain on display at Shosoin (anda gumi).
Artisans do not follow set guidelines in the dyeing process,
yet they masterfully achieve the various tones in the color samples.
Kichiro Domyo notes: “We discovered a new kind of fashion where
we use leather instead of traditional materials of basic kumihimo.”
The company plans to put out new colors for the season.
Our kumihimo items represent fashion idea whose time has come:
we’re bringing a bit of old Edo to modern Tokyo!

DOMYO Belt Series・DOMYO Card Holder
Varieties: Four
Materials: Silk thread, cowhide
Belt Standard: L 27mm × 1,150mm/ M 27mm × 1,020mm
Weight: 121g - 122g
Belt Sash: 90mm × 2,220mm
Weight: 164g
Card holder: H 65mm × W110mm × D 15mm
Weight: 56g
Suggested retail price (tax included)
Belt Standard: \33,000/Belt Sash: \57,200/Card holder: \29,700

*The information on this site is as of June 2023.

*Sizes, colours and shapes of the actual products may differ slightly as they are

*Product specifications and suggested retail prices may change without prior notice.