TOKYO Teshigoto


Nagaku-wooden buisiness card holders
with the eleganve of a picture frame.
The materials are natural wood.We use maple for white wood and walnuts for dark wood.
While we could have left the natural texture,
we apply a wax finishing as step to highlight the warmth of thw wood.
this is also the finished used for traditional Japanese-style frames.
Anotherstrength of this workshop is its poossession of honbuchi tecjnique of planing wood
and assembling the pieces into shape of a frame before decorating it.
Top part of the holder can be removed for carryinf around,and cards can be put into it from bith faces.
Here is a gem that combines convenience and artistry.

Fuji-seigaku Co., Ltd.

6-31-15 Machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0001
TEL 03-3892-8682
Daichi Kurihara

  • Daichi Kurihara
    CraftsmanDaichi Kurihara