TOKYO Teshigoto

Kaiun Shishigashira

Kaiun Shishigashira, it is carved from a single block of wood by a carver
who also makes decorations for Japanese-style housing,
statues for shrines and temples, and Noh masks.
The carver uses the lion’s head in the Shosoin treasure house as his basic motif,
and adds ingenious touches of his own.
The head has a gallant, powerful look. Because the jaw and tongue are moveable,
the lion can click its teeth to ward off evil and summon good fortune.
The pleasant clicking sound is another part of the carving’s appeal.

Kitazawa Wood Carving

4-11-22 Mizumoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-0032
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Hideta Kitazawa

  • Hideta Kitazawa
    CraftsmanHideta Kitazawa