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Framed Good Luck Battledore “SANBASO”

On a hagoita (traditional Japanese battledore),
which is considered good luck because it widens toward the end,
the craftsman expresses a sanbaso (a dance performed for peace, abundance, longevity, and prosperity)
using the traditional oshi-e (raised picture) technique.
A sanbaso is a dance performed as a prelude on a happy occasion.
I made this dancer to look like a monkey.
On the attached Edo woodblock print tag,
Guan Yu, the god of wealth, is depicted in multiple colors of 10 or more colors.
In his choice of motifs, patterns, and even colors,
the craftsman makes the products with careful attention to and wishes
for the theme of bringing good luck and warding off evil.

Suimon Shoten

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Toshihiro Suimon

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