TOKYO Teshigoto

Edomae-Sushi Kiriko

Edo kiriko (cut glass) ware that expresses Edo-mae sushi,
one of the fixtures of Tokyo cuisine,
through the combination of brilliantly colored kise Edo glass
and the Edo kiriko technique.
There is a vivid contrast between the copper red,
for which it is hard to produce a brilliant hue,
and the enchanting lapis lazuli blue.
The work is shaping by blowing glass melted at high temperature.
We are distinguished by our manufacture of mainly kise glass,
which is produced by blowing glass of one color into glass of another.
We make colored kise glassware through what we call the pokan method.
This is our biggest feature.
They are opening up an unprecedented new world of Edo glass & kiriko
through the fusion of traditional craft and contemporary esthetics.

Nakakin Glass Inc.

2-11-29 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0035
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Michiko Iwabuchi

  • Michiko Iwabuchi
    CraftsmanMichiko Iwabuchi