TOKYO Teshigoto

EDO CAT Wind Chime

Stylish little Edo items combining an Edo wind chime
featuring charming painted goldfish with a dynamic carving of a black cat made of brass.
While the cat is small enough to be held in the palm,
the precise carving depicts everything down to the flexed muscles,
facial expression, paw pads, and coat of fur.
EDO CAT wind chimes rest on collaboration by the designer, carver,
and Edo wind chime craftsperson.
They are the products of challenging work requiring in-depth knowledge of metal.
The chimes are elaborate pieces that were perfected upon repeated trials
with various materials, sizes, weights, etc.


2-8-15 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0072
TEL 03-6873-5302
Daiki Kaneko

  • Daiki Kaneko
    CraftsmanDaiki Kaneko