TOKYO Teshigoto

I want to create leather that Japan can be proud of.

A leather purse created by the leather workshop in Tokyo
recognized by the famous brands overseas.
By literally folding a piece of “leather” as you do with “origami”,
an almost seamless beautiful form is created with the least limited sewn parts.
The inner part is also designed in a user-friendly manner,
and above all, it is sturdy.
With Japanese traditional paper of Mino pasted onto it, it has a soft touch.
The design is taken from a motif of an auspicious omen called kisshomon.
It is a leather purse where the Japanese aesthetics is expressed.

Nino Classical Tailored

3-30-8, Higashimukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0032
TEL +81-3-3610-2038
Shinichi Ninomiya

  • Hiroshi Akabane
    CraftsmanHiroshi Akabane