TOKYO Teshigoto

Precision stronger than gravity

A stylish card case made with care by a carrier of the skill of sashimono joinery.
Sashimono in Edo was loved by samurai families, merchants and kabuki actors in items for daily life.
The technique’s trademark, that emphasises its character, is the use of not a single nail. This card case fits into the palm of the hand, but is full of the skill of the sashimono practitioner in the use of “hozo” joints in its construction. It will surely become a topic of conversation whenever business cards are exchanged.

Sashimono Masuda

Sashimono Masuda
4-6-5-1F,Tatekawa,Sumida-ku,Tokyo 130-0023
Daisuke Masuda

  • Daisuke Masuda
    CraftsmanDaisuke Masuda