TOKYO Teshigoto

A smartphone theatre in karaki wood

Sound from a natural wood speaker, omitted without electricity. The material is hard karaki wood, difficult to shape. In high quality ebony and rosewood, the time acquired skill of the craftsperson allows it to take form. Carpentry in karaki has a history longer than 1200 years, and here fuses with the modern, to present the sound from a smartphone. It is something certainly worth hearing.

Oda Karaki Butsudan Seisakusho

Oda Karaki Butsudan Seisakusho
3-7-22-209,Soka,Soka-shi,Saitama 340-0043
Kiyoharu Oda
Hiroshi Fukuda

  • Kiyoharu Oda
    CraftsmanKiyoharu Oda
  • Hiroshi Fukuda
    CraftsmanHiroshi Fukuda