TOKYO Teshigoto

A sake cup, taken too far?!

This work, is in fact one that took the traditional craft of Edo Kiriko cut glass to a new stage.
The linked, beautifully carved marks of the glass pattern are divided by an “obi” kimono belt. This is something that doubles the effort needed to make it.
The design is the work of a skilled craftsperson, but also one of young inspiration. As the name “Harekiriko” (dapper cut glass) suggests, the glass appears dressed in its finest clothes. In an outfit that finds counterpoint in its “obi”.
Smooth to grip, the glass is a finely designed kimono in the hand.
It is a new exploration within Edo Kiriko.

Mitsuwa Glass Kogei

Mitsuwa Glass Kogei
2-24-22,Koyama,Soka-shi,Saitama 340-0045
Takashi Kochiya

  • Haruki Ishizuka
    CraftsmanHaruki Ishizuka