TOKYO Teshigoto

The cut off is everything

An item made by a bearer of Tokyo’s traditional metalwork tradition,
with an emphasis on the clean pouring of tea.
For this craftsperson, it is not unusual
to hammer and transform one piece of copper into teapot shape.
It is within the course of his work to use hammers of different shapes
to add expression to its surface.
Where the palm might come into contact with heat,
he thinks to make the handle in brass, and cover it with cool rattan.
What is a particular point of pride for this craftsman is a spout
that definitely will not dribble.
The clean end to the pour, is made to satisfy the most exacting user.
It is an item durable to last a lifetime.

Nagasawa Seisakusho

Nagasawa Seisakusho
3-7-4,Arakawa,Arakawa-ku,Tokyo 116-0002
Toshihisa Nagasawa

  • Toshihisa Nagasawa
    CraftsmanToshihisa Nagasawa