TOKYO Teshigoto

Fragrant Karakami

“Good to touch, good for decoration, and good luck”
With perfume encased, fragrance pouches made entirely of paper. The elements that create a rich Japanese ambience include colour applied by brush onto the washi paper, texture added with a comb, gold or silver sheets applied in whole pieces, or ground into a shiny sprinkle of decoration.
In the Heian period one thousand years ago, this decorative technique was used for sacred texts, or room partitions.
The feel of the traditional paper creates an elegant decorative sense. The patterns, such as “hamachidori” and “yuzuru” have long been regarded as auspicious, and have an affectionate familiarity.

Yushima-art Limited Company.

Yushima-art Limited Company.
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Kiyoshi Issiki

  • Toshikazu Senga
    CraftsmanToshikazu Senga