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Drawing on a chemical reaction?

In the Takadanobaba district of Tokyo, close to the Kanda river, there was once a thriving dye industry. This is where the Someno Takakou works can still be found. A practitioner in the “suminagashi” technique, there are only a few such craftspeople left. Pigment is placed on the surface of water, to make a canvas for nature to create its unique patterns. The craftsperson must attempt here to facilitate beautiful “coincidences”, and to do so both experience and artistic sense are required. To the skill of “suminagashi”, a separate “Tokyo hand drawn yuzen” technique is added to make designs on silk.
This is a shawl completed with these rare and skilled dye techniques.

Someno Takakou

Someno Takakou
3-9-1,Takadanobaba,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 169-0075
Takayuki Takahashi

  • Takayuki Takahashi
    CraftsmanTakayuki Takahashi