TOKYO Teshigoto

A hammer like a paintbrush

A silver bracelet with the 262 characters of the Heart Sutra inscribed on its inner surface.
Each within 2mm, the meaningful characters of the sutra have been carefully completed by the craftsman.
On the outer surface is a chequered Ichimatsu pattern given its shine by hammer.
It is an accessory that expresses the dedication of the craftsman.
With a skill and an individual approach developed over many years, there is only one person who can produce this work.

Ginsen Izumiken

Ginsen Izumiken
SDS Bldg. 201,2-26-5,Asakusa,Taito-ku,Tokyo,111-0032
Kenichiro Izumi

  • Kenichiro Izumi
    CraftsmanKenichiro Izumi